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Emergency evacuation.

Let's hope it never happens but are you prepared for pet evacuation? If a disaster happens where you live you want to be prepared to quickly and safely evacuate you and your pets. You need to be able to quickly act and trust your gear.
Evacuation preparedness

The SturdiBag Petcarrier

Carry on foot for fast gettaway

Walk a good pace on foot with minimal constraints on your body and safe and steady for your pet. Because it’s feather lightweight it’s easy to carry by hand or on your shoulder. The divided SturdiBag pet carrier offers separated spaces for multiple pets.

The instant Pop-Up Kennel

Place in your vehicle for safety and comfort

The Pop-Up Kennel Small is designed to fit on the seats of most cars and SUVs. Buckle up and drive! A roomy confinement ensures a qiuck setup and safe ride. When you get to a safe place you use the Pop-Up Kennel so your pet enjoys a familiar stay.

Pop-Up Kennel and SturdiBag Pet Carrier
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SturdiBag XL Petcarrier with dog and cat