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Red SturdiBag Pet Carrier with Cat

A cozy place to stay

Even at home your pet wants to stay in the Sturdibag Pet Carrier. So when you go away from home your pet will take his home with him!

SturdiBag with Cat in front seat car

Always ready to go

Get up and go! It just takes a moment to get ready and your pet will love to come with you wherever you go!

SturdiBag Pet Carrier with dog sticking head out

A comfortable stay

Stick your head out without leaving your comfortable stay!

Pop-Up Kennel Small Double

01 Instant Pop-Up

No assembly is required. Simply remove from the case, give it a shake and it pops open! Great for use at home and on the road.

02 Designed for professionals

Preferred by many Pet Exhibitors who want maximum visibility of their pets. Exhibitors know that a multitude of tools, paperwork and accessories are necessary when attending a show or exhibit. With the Exhibitor setup you make your cat or dog more comfortable at shows and on the road by bringing a little piece of home along.

03 Safety and comfort

Even when you not travelling but staying at home. Your pet needs a safe and comfortable spot where it can retreat to. A space where they want to be and have a private space of their own.

04 Light weight and durable

Over-sized carrying case with shoulder strap and storage pockets. Use it in the car, in hotels, or use it camping. Also use it to keep fluffy out from underfoot at home! The Pop-Up Kennel Small is designed to fit on the seats of most cars and SUVs.

Pop-Up Kennel
SturdiBag Pet Carrier

01 The award winning SturdiBag Pet Carrier

SturdiBag™ for dogs or cats is the perfect carrier for traveling pets! By car, airline or by foot, SturdiBag™ is the top choice of Pet Professionals worldwide—with many features that make SturdiBag a smart choice for all pet lovers.

02 Designed for in-cabin airline travel

Approved for airline use! Its flexible, interior ribbing eliminates the danger of collapse, and allows the Small and Large SturdiBag to fit easily beneath your airline seat without compromising interior comfort for your pet.

03 Safety and comfort

All breeds of cats will travel comfortably within the SturdiBag, which is designed to maximize your pet’s pleasure and security. Ventilation and visibility is provided by sturdy mesh windows on both ends and the roof.

04 Feather lightweight

This feather-light carrier is made of tough fabric with tension rods that give it shape. The solid floor and included comfort pad ensure your pets comfort. Machine washable.